What is Favit?

Like laughing? Favit is designed to make you laugh, and help you find interesting people on twitter.

Click the star button to tell Favstar.fm which tweets you find funny, as this helps us select better tweets to show everyone. If you write funny tweets, we may even show yours!

After you've used Favit for a little while, please log in to twitter and tell @favstar what you think. We love feedback, and we hope you'll love Favit!

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“Favit: Now you can be that guy laughing at his phone at the bus stop.”


“No authors, no date stamps, no junk–just one funny tweet after another, punching your pleasure zone over and over again until you start to feel a little ashamed of yourself.”


“The second-most used app on my iPhone, by far, after that one I can't name for national security reasons.”


“Favit for iPhone is the best thing ever.”


“Juicy, 140 character nuggets of awesome, it's like pop rocks for your brain.”


“Great concept, beautiful UI. Hilarious content. Would have paid more for it.”


“There hasn't been anything this funny since your mom's face.”