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If you want an answer that's not here, ask @favstar

  • What is Favstar? We asked some of our users who've been coming here for a while. @wondroushippo summarized it well - 'A site tracking what you, your friends, and everyone else is favoriting and retweeting on Twitter.'
  • I love stars! How can I get stars I've received to be collected more frequently? Sign in to Favstar.fm. Favstar will collect your favs and retweets every 5 seconds if you have signed in. Both favs and retweets you've given and the ones you've received are collected. It does not use your twitter rate limit.

    Also, tell your friends about Favstar. Despite Favstar being several years old, there's still many twitter users who don't know about it, and less than 10% of twitter users use the favorite feature.

    Favstar does collect favorites from users who haven't signed in, but not as quickly - perhaps only once per day, and only if it has discovered the user.
  • I'd like to have my tweets shown on the Favstar leaderboard. How are those tweets selected? The aim of the leaderboard is to show tweets that will be interesting to a significant portion of Favstar's user base. The tweets are selected based on the number of users that they have received favorites and retweets from. This reflects the most popular recent tweets in real time.

    Celeb tweets are generally filtered off unless the tweets are of interest to more than their over-enthusiastic fans. Some tweets are filtered off automatically or manually for obscene language, and on rare occasions a tweet is filtered off at Favstar's discretion. Sadly, some tweets are accidentally omitted if the language software incorrectly guesses the language of the tweet.

    Please do not favorite or retweet your own tweet with the intention of making it appear on the leaderboard, and please do not ask others to fav or retweet your tweets. When this occurs Favstar will likely remove the tweet from the leaderboard, and may prevent your tweets from showing on Favstar in the future.

    Likewise, please do not create a second account that you use mostly to retweet other peoples tweets when you don't find the tweet worthy of a retweet from your primary account.
  • How do I find out about favstar.fm news? Do you have a blog? We often tweet from @favstar with site updates, and will sometimes make posts at http://favstar.tumblr.com
  • How accurate is Favs Received? Favs received is the number of stars we've found for you. It's quite possible that you've received many stars that we haven't found yet - especially if you've been using twitter for a long time, or have a lot of followers. We're constantly improving our crawler though, so more and more of your stars will be found.
  • Does Favstar collect favorites or show tweets from protected people? No. The only occasion this occurs is when we don't yet know the user is protected. Likewise, once a user becomes unprotected, you need to notify us to have the user unprotected on favstar. Do this by sending a tweet to @FavstarHelp on Twitter.
  • I starred some tweets on twitter.com or using my phone, another website, or by magic. Why aren't my stars showing? Stars you have given don't show on Favstar.fm until they have been collected from Twitter. If Twitter has collected the stars, and you have logged in to Favstar at least once, then they should show here instantly.
  • What is the meaning of life? We're not sure.
  • How often are my stats (favorites received, and follower numbers) updated? Your favorites received are updated every few days (unless you are a Pro member). Other stats are updated when we find a new tweet of yours that's been favorited (in theory).
  • I'd like to opt out and not have my tweets shown on Favstar. Visit our removal page.

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