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  • ValeeGrrl
      Valerie @ValeeGrrl

    It does wonders for my self-esteem that when I tell my kids a song is from "when I was little" their first question is "is the singer dead?"

    • 94
    • FAVS
    • 46
  • Orbit_BURNS
      Potthoff @Orbit_BURNS

    Jurassic World was great I just don't understand why a family brings a toddler to see it, I would cry too if a T-Rex ate someone.

    • 58
    • FAVS
    • 5
  • LuvPug
      Pugnado @LuvPug

    The thing with bad decisions is that they feel really good until they feel bad

    • 270
    • FAVS
    • 148
  • TheDiLLon1
      Ol' QWERTY Bastard @TheDiLLon1

    Want reparations for all the black hair care products #RachelDoelzal used that could have gone to real black women that needed them.

    • 40
    • FAVS
    • 38
  • missmohammz
      halal hoehoe @missmohammz

    Can America just stay away from Iraq and Afghanistan because seriously the people have no more patience. We're sick of yall

    • 6
    • FAVS
    • 3

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Pretty descriptive for a paper clip. My soul flies free like a willow tree. Vibin' Q.U.E.E.N #dramaturgy


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