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  • Tweet of the Day Award
    Give an award to the best tweet every day.
  • See Even More Tweets
    And show more of your own tweets to others, with the MORE button.
  • Retweet Details
    See analytics on who’s retweeting your tweets.
  • Oldest Tweets
    Peer back in time and see the earliest liked tweets.
  • And Much More!
    Get custom notifications when someone likes your tweets, improve your profile, and a ton more.
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  • Give Awards
    Have more fun with Favstar and Twitter - award the Tweet of the Day Trophy to tweets you think are the best of the day. It will be shown on the Tweet of the Day leaderboard page, and mentioned by @FavstarOfTheDay.
  • More Buttons
    Enjoy more tweets from your favorite tweeters and the leaderboard - you can click on the more button on other peoples pages to view more of their top tweets. You get the more button on the leaderboard pages too.
  • Retweet Details
    Get a quick summary on who’s retweeted your tweets. Quickly discover the most influential retweeters, and see their bios.
  • Oldest Tweets
    You can browse the oldest tweets that Favstar has collected for a user. Relive those early golden days on Twitter, and why not retweet a few?
  • Your Tweets
    Show off more of your best tweets, and see your oldest liked tweets. Also a more button is added to your pages for everyone to use.
  • Custom Notifications
    • Setup notifications to occur at any number of likes.
    • Choose between receiving an email or an announcement from @favstar_bot.
  • Hourly Updates
    Your Likes Received are updated hourly.
  • Better Profile
    You can add 5 links to your profile instead of 2
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